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Vote for Tin Shed Films

Vote for back porch cinema.

Buildout Report #10

We're starting to program films! Sneak Peek screenings A screenwriting class. Indie Legends: Directors First us chose which films to show!

Buildout Report #9

Mural Ideas. Architecture Plans. Sign: Pelican Inspired?

Buildout Report #8

We now have a LIQOR LICENSE!!! We finally have the internet turned on, and we've been testing out our new projector. 

Buildout Report #7

Achoo strikes! We say "Gesundheit!" And two successful inspections!

Buildout Report #6

Plumbing, website and sound. 

Buildout Report #5

We've decided to open up through the back of the building--with a liquor license!

Indywood Buildout Report #4

Handprint party! And visit to City Hall: We've learned what we need to do in order to open our building...and it's going to be tough. But at least our new chairs have arrived!

She Was Famous: Local Film in the Works

If you're interested in New Orleans' indie film scene, you should know about She Was Famous, a feature film directed by our friend Kenna J. Moore and produced by Ghost of Elysian Films

Build-Out Update #2

It's been a successful week for Indywood endeavors.

Indywood 2.0 Build-Out Update #1

Since we're currently hard at work turning our new building into a cinema, our blog posts for the next couple months will be a series of weekly updates on our progress towards opening the new Indywood Cinema. 

For all of you wondering what we’re up to, and for all my readers interested in starting your own cinemas, here’s the brutal truth. This is what it takes to turn a building into a cinema.

A Look Inside the New Indywood

Here's a sneak peek inside our new building, before we turn it into a two-screen movie theater, as well as a look-book of design concepts. 

The Votes Are In: Crowdsourced Cinema

In preparation for Indywood's re-opening, we're trying out a new idea. We believe that cinema of the 21st Century needs to be On Demand. Like Netflix, but on the big screen.

Crowdfunding for equity is going to revolutionize how indie filmmakers can raise money from the crowd--and make that money back. Making this all the more rosy: Equity crowdfunding is finally legal!

Louisiana's Burgeoning Indie Film Scene

Many of the most talented filmmakers I know are gearing up to make their first feature films. Here are a some features in the works that I’m excited to see.

Kickstarting The New Indywood

Indywood is running a Kickstarter campaign to turn our new building into a cinema. Here's an update on what we're doing and how you can engage. 

Indywood Rises Again: Here's the Plan

Big News: We have a new building :) Here's the plan for turning it into a badass cinema/cafe/bar/bookstore.

Digital Cinema Depression

I'm too distracted to write a proper post this week, so instead I invite you to watch this horribly depressing video (from The New Yorker) on the bleak future of Art House Cinema.