Shadowplay is INDYWOOD's production outfit.

Narrative Short: A small video opera about a magical radio based on a true story.

COMING SOON...Narrative Short: A struggling musician finds a magical radio. 

Documentary: A lyrical portrait of various spirits in New Orleans. 

Narrative Short: He's got two flame throwers and a pogo stick--Who will save New Orleans from El Pogo Fuego?!

Music Video: Acapella bounce music from JC Styles and the Flipside Boys.

Music video: "Monkey" by Sacka Tabacka

Information: Tax Credits for Local Filmmakers

Vlog: How to Start a Nomad Cinema

Pitch: The Indywood Dream Explained with Legos

Music Video: "Peter Pan" by JC Styles

Cat Video: Cats Talking About Racism

Experimental Narrative: An Ancient Myth for the Digital Age

Documentary: Black Cowboys

Narrative Short: Three brothers have to decide what to do with the family land.

Theater: Strange Semiotics at Fringe Fest, 2010.

Humor: DIY Lobotomy 

Music Video: Suburban White Kids Trying to Rap.

Experimental Narrative: Dreaming of America, in the style of Jodorowsky.

Narrative Short: WWII explained by 8th graders.