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Instagram Marketing – You must already know that Instagram is a star social media network for small businesses. This platform has great potential to attract new customers and empower relationships with old customers to drive sales and take your business ahead of competitors. This topmost social media platform is preferred by billions of people throughout the world due to its impressive vibe and visual capabilities. 

Keeping in mind what’s been said above, many marketers and social media gurus believe that nothing can beat Instagram when it comes to marketing and promoting your brand due to the endless range of options it possesses. So, if you are someone who owns a small business, this post is what you need. Through this article, we will introduce you to some worthy Instagram marketing tips to ensure that your business reaches expected heights!

  • Create a business account

The first step that you need to take is to make a business account. A business account makes sense for business as it lets you see analytics and link your Instagram account with your Facebook account to connect with your followers with ease and run paid ads seamlessly. To make your brand’s presence felt and expand its reach, you need a business account. This account lets the users implement marketing strategies while strategizing things. 

  • Add data in bio

With Instagram, you get a field space of 150 characters to fill your bio. In the bio section, you add information about yourself that you want to share with your followers so that they know who you are. You can add things like hashtags in the bio to attract more people. But, make sure that you use this space wisely and write only what is important for your profile. 

  • Keep updating your bio

The purpose of a bio doesn’t just end with updating it. You also need to keep updating it with the relevant information, which is vital for your profile. So, always follow this practice and keep updating your bio now and then to keep things going.

  • Make your identity

To make your profile look appealing is the need to survive on Instagram! Therefore the visual appeal of your profile matters so much. The reason to make your profile attractive is to establish a better connection with the viewers. You can use specific color palettes and stylish fonts to help you with the same. You can add type-specific images to deliver your message. 

  • Keep an eye on your competitors

If you are new to Instagram and unaware of what to do or where to start, you should check out your competitors’ profiles to get ideas. You can have a look at the type of content they are posting to expand their reach. Moreover, check out their posts related to user engagement is suggested. Doing so will help you in constructing your profile properly and strategically. 

  • Add enhanced images

Instagram is all about videos and images. Therefore, you must focus on both these factors to keep things moving smoothly. Even if you are an amateur photographer, you can work on editing to make images look attractive. This social media platform features an in-built Instagram video editor that helps in enhancing the images with effects, audio tracks and other such elements to upraise the appeal. So make the most of it. Besides, you can choose to edit your picture with any paid editor based on its features and capabilities. But, in our opinion, using the Instagram video editor is a better choice due to saving time and money.

  • Create videos

We dwell in an era where videos are high in demand. Therefore, you need to keep up with your video creation skills. This might sound easy, but if you trust us, this job is pretty challenging. Nevertheless, you can experiment with different sorts of videos such as demos, tutorials, how-to, unboxing and so on to add to your Instagram profile. And just like you edit your picture with an Instagram video editor, you can edit the videos the same way. 

  • Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags need no introduction at all. This is the most dominant feature of Instagram, after all! With hashtags, you can reach out to the relevant people for your content to be discovered. When you use this feature, your content reach expands drastically. With hashtags, you can engage people powerfully and strategically. So, never skip on using it.

  • Create stories

Using Instagram stories, you can make a lasting impression on people and increase your brand’s visibility. Instagram stories come up on the user’s feed, therefore make the most of it. You can play around with various effects and features to make them look appealing. Also, you can post many stories at the same time to keep up with your followers without cluttering their feeds. 

  • Go live

Frequently going live is a great way to stimulate loyalty. When you appeal live once in a while, it helps in making an unending and reliable connection with the people. Since the people can see you, talk to you and ask you, live sessions can be highly beneficial in terms of trust and loyalty.

  • Encourage engagement

Online marketing is not a one-way game. So, whenever your viewers comment on your posts or feeds and try to approach you with messages, you need to get back to them with their queries. When you revert to your customers, it not just makes them feel happy but also encourages engagement and maintains healthy relations with your business or brand. 

  • Add CTA

Last but not least, adding CTA is an excellent sales and marketing tip. When you add CTA, you allow your followers to move to the next action of the sales funnel. So, go ahead and let them know what you wish them to do next with things like share, like, comment etc. 


If you are planning to get your business online on a social media platform like Instagram, you need to take steps strategically. The above given are a great way to put your foot forward on Instagram and boost your small business reach. So, go ahead and don’t forget to implement these doable tips and tricks for marketing on your Instagram profile. 

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