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Kickstarting the New Indywood

Thank you so much to all you early Indywood backers!

Today's Local Video: A Game of String

Indywood is a platform for Louisiana's independent filmmakers to showcase their work. We're posting the best local films that can be found online, daily for the rest of our Kickstarter. Here's today's video, created by Magda Boreyska.

Kickstarter: Build a New Indywood Cinema

Indywood is currenty running a kickstarter campaign to turn our new building into a two-screen cinema. In order to re-open, we must raise funds to buy:

  • 74 new chairs and 4 sofas
  • Projectors (X2)
  • 5.1 Surround Sound (X2)
  • A Gigantic Indyood Sign

Would you like to help build a new cinema in the Upper Ninth Ward? Through our kickstarter you can:

  • Become an Indywood Member
  • Pre-Buy Tickets (and vote for what you want to see)
  • Book a Screening
  • And more...

All Kickstarter backers get to put their handprint on the wall of the New Indywood!

Check out the Kickstarter: Build a New Indywood Cinema

Indywood is on a mission to build ourselves a new movie theater. We're documenting the process in a series of weekly Vlogs. We are soldiers of cinema...

VLOG 15: Our New Building!