Black Cat White Cat

Fri & Sat, Oct. 20 & 21 at 7:00p

At the Happyland Theater, 3126 Burgundy St

An absurd Yugoslavian farce of gypsies, gangsters and bazar weddings.

At FAMU in Prague, the worlds most whimsical film school, all the most magical professors recommend this movie. And I've heard this is one of Behn Zeitlin's (Dir. of Beasts of the Southern Wild) favorite movies. 

And it can't be found online! We had to pay a pretty penny for our disc to be sent from Serbia. 


aa bladerunner.jpg


Fri & Sat, Oct 20 & 21 at 9:00p

At the Happyland Theater, 3126 Burgundy St

Have you seen the new Blade Runner? It's amazing :)

So we had to play the original--The director's cut, or course (without voice over). 

Blade Runner is based on a novel by Phillip K. Dick. It's an operatic, film noir, science fiction saga of a man coming to understand what it means to be human. Harrison Ford is a Replicant Hunter. He kills robots that look like humans. But when he falls in love with a replicant gal, things get complicated.  



The Century of the Self 

Sun Oct 22 at 9:00

At the Happyland Theater, 3126 Burgundy St.

This is a a documentary about the history of advertising. It's a must see for anyone who wants to understand the 20th Century. 

Do you know who Edward Bernays is? You should. He was the nephew of Sigmund Frued, and he was the first person who used Frued's theories to sell things to the masses. He's one of the great archetects of the world we now live in, and nobody knows about him!

This series is about how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy.


triplets of bellville.jpg

The Triplets of Bellville 

Sun Oct 22 at 7:00p

At the Happyland Theater, 3126 Burgundy St

We're going to start showing animated films on Sundays at the Happyland. This is Louisiana, so we like starting things out French. 

Elderly Frenchwoman Madame Souza becomes involved in international intrigue when her grandson, Champion, a professional cyclist, is kidnapped and taken abroad. Joined by her faithful dog, Bruno, Souza embarks on a journey to find Champion, and stumbles across unlikely allies in the form of three sisters who are veterans of the vaudeville stage. Tracking down Champion's criminal captors, the quartet of old women use their wits to try and win the day.




Ever since we got shut down at our old location, we've been making a weekly video blog (vlog) telling the story in real time of how we re-open Indywood.